Roman Republic

A United States Influence

Essential Questions

How were the early Romans influenced by the Etruscans and Greeks?

How democratic was the Roman Republic?

How did the Conflict of the Orders compare and contrast to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States?

What is citizenship? What should it be?

How does our government in the United States compare to the Roman Republic?

Unit Description

In this unit learners will explore the civilization of Ancient Rome to learn how the ideas, events, architecture, laws and religion of this civilization continues to impact the world today. Students will focus on the legacy of Ancient Rome and determine whether textbooks typically tell the true story.

Learning Objectives

Students will know:

  • Early Romans were influenced by the engineering and sporting events of the Etruscans who preceded them.

  • Early Romans were influenced by the architecture, writing, religion, and art of the Greeks.

  • The two distinct classes in the Roman Republic were Patricians and Plebeians.

  • Although 95% of Romans were Plebeians, the Patricians controlled almost all of the power.

  • The Plebeians engaged in a number of protests and struggles from 509 BCE to 287 BCE to gain rights equal to to Patricians.

  • The Roman Republic fell upon the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.E.